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Welcome to a world of wonder, where the stories of Lord Shree Krishna come alive with their timeless wisdom and divine grace. Lord Shree Krishna, the eighth avatar of Lord Shree Vishnu, is a revered deity in Hinduism, whose life and teachings have inspired millions of people for generations.

From his birth in Mathura to his final journey from the mortal world, every chapter of Lord Shree Krishna's life is a remarkable example of courage, compassion, and devotion. His divine plays, known as 'Leelas', have mesmerized devotees with their mystical aura and profound teachings.

This section is dedicated to the beautiful stories of Lord Shree Krishna, which have been passed down through the ages and continue to enchant people from all walks of life. These stories are not just a source of spiritual knowledge but also an embodiment of universal human values that are relevant to this day.

Here, you will find tales of Lord Shree Krishna's childhood, HIS love for Radha, HIS epic battles, HIS wisdom, and HIS miraculous deeds. Each story is a testament to the power of faith, love, and devotion, which can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

So, come with us on this magical journey and explore the enchanting world of Lord Shree Krishna's stories, where divinity and humanity meet in perfect harmony.

Beautiful story about the Divine Birth of Lord Shree Krishna

The story of the birth of Lord Shree Krishna is a beautiful and divine tale that has been cherished and celebrated for centuries. It is said that Lord Vishnu, one of the most revered deities in Hindu mythology, took birth on earth as Lord Shree Krishna, to rid the world of evil and to restore peace and harmony.

The story begins with the evil king Kansa, who was the maternal uncle of Lord Shree Krishna's mother, Devaki. Kansa had been warned that Devaki's eighth child would be the one to bring about his downfall. Fearing this prophecy, Kansa imprisoned Devaki and her husband Vasudeva and vowed to kill all their children as soon as they were born.

However, Lord Vishnu had a plan to protect his incarnation, and he instructed Vasudeva to take the newborn child to a safe place. On the night of Lord Shree Krishna's birth, Vasudeva was miraculously able to escape from the prison unnoticed, carrying the baby in a basket.

As Vasudeva walked through the dark and stormy night, he encountered many obstacles, including a river in flood. However, Lord Vishnu intervened at each stage, making the journey safe and easy for Vasudeva. When he arrived at his destination, he found a baby girl born to Nanda and Yashoda, and with the help of Lord Vishnu's magic, he exchanged the babies and returned to the prison.

The next morning, Kansa arrived to kill the newborn baby, but to his surprise, he found a baby girl instead. He was furious but decided to spare her life. However, the prophecy had been fulfilled, and Lord Shree Krishna was safe and sound in the care of Nanda and Yashoda.

The birth of Lord Shree Krishna is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm every year, as it is believed to symbolize the victory of good over evil. The story is a testament to the power of faith, devotion, and divine intervention, and it continues to inspire people of all ages and backgrounds.

A beautiful story about the playful leelas of Lord Shree Krishna & HIS love for butter

The playful leelas of Lord Shree Krishna are some of the most enchanting stories in Hindu mythology. Known for his love of butter, Lord Shree Krishna was always up to mischief and would often sneak into the homes of his neighbors to steal butter and other treats.

One of the most famous stories of Lord Shree Krishna's love for butter is the tale of how he stole butter from his own mother, Yashoda. One day, Yashoda noticed that Lord Shree Krishna had a little bit of butter on his face, and asked him if he had been stealing butter from their home. Lord Shree Krishna, afraid of being caught, denied it and even went as far as to say that he had never eaten butter before.

To prove his innocence, Yashoda asked Lord Shree Krishna to open his mouth, and to her surprise, she saw the entire universe inside it. Shocked and amazed, Yashoda realized that her son was not an ordinary child, but a divine being who had come to earth to spread love and joy.

Another famous story of Lord Shree Krishna's love for butter involves his interactions with the gopis, or cowherd girls. Lord Shree Krishna would often sneak into their homes and steal butter and other treats, and the gopis would be delighted by his playful antics.

Despite his mischievous nature, Lord Shree Krishna was loved by all who knew him, and his playful leelas brought joy and happiness to everyone around him. His love for butter was not just a childish obsession, but a symbol of his deep love for all of creation.

Even today, Lord Shree Krishna's leelas continue to inspire people around the world, reminding us to embrace our playful and childlike nature, and to find joy in the simple things in life. His love for butter may have been mischievous, but it was a reflection of the boundless love and compassion that he had for all of humanity.

A beautiful story about the leela of Lord Shree Krishna & the Fruit Seller

The tales of Lord Shree Krishna are full of divine charm and enchantment. They have the power to transport the reader to a world where the love of God flows like a river. One such story that showcases the lord's affection for his devotees is the one about Lord Shree Krishna and the fruit seller.

As mother Yashoda churned cream to make butter, Lord Shree Krishna waited eagerly for his share. He heard the sweet voice of a fruit seller who was selling juicy mangoes in Gokul. Krishna, who was already hungry, felt his mouth water at the mere mention of the fruit. His father, Nandraj, called the vendor to their doorstep to purchase the mangoes.

Krishna, sitting beside his mother, watched the barter deal unfold between his father and the fruit seller. Nandraj offered a basket of grains in exchange for a basket of mangoes. The fruit seller was overjoyed, as no one had ever given her a full basket of grains before. Meanwhile, Krishna understood that he could also exchange grains for mangoes. He ran to the storeroom, gathered a fistful of grains, and approached the vendor.

Krishna's big black eyes, thick locks of hair, and peacock feather on his forehead mesmerized the fruit seller. She gladly gave him a mango in exchange for his grains. As Krishna ate the mango, the fruit seller's heart filled with love for him.

But what happened next was truly divine. As the vendor lifted the other basket of mangoes, she was astonished to see that the grains had turned into jewels, rubies, and gold. The fruit seller was speechless with joy as she looked at Lord Shree Krishna, who smiled back at her, she realized that he was no ordinary baby, but a divine incarnation.

The story of Lord Shree Krishna and the fruit seller is a beautiful testament to the lord's love for all his devotees. The love and grace of Lord Shree Krishna shone through this beautiful story, reminds us that with selflessness and devotion, we too can connect with the divine and feel the grace in our lives.

The beautiful story about the leela of Lord Shree Krishna & Kalia the Snake

Once upon a time, on the Ramanaka Dweepa of the Yamuna River, there lived a ferocious naga named Kaliya. With multiple heads and a deadly venom, he was feared by all. Kaliya was known to have left his home in fear of Garuda (Lord Shree Vishnu’s Vahana), a celestial being possessing human and eagle features, who was his nemesis. Garuda was cursed and could not enter the village of Vrindavan, where Kaliya sought refuge in the Yamuna River.

But Kaliya's venomous presence soon poisoned the river. The water boiled around him as the poison seeped out of his multiple mouths. The fish died, the crocodiles attacked animals and damaged crops, and even the trees on the riverbanks dried up. The people of Vrindavan feared for their lives and begged for help.

In the midst of this chaos, little Lord Shree Krishna heard of the poisonous snake and decided to punish Kaliya for his wickedness. With divine love in his heart, he went alone to the Yamuna in search of the big snake. He found Kaliya living in the deepest part of the river and jumped into the water to confront him.

Kaliya rushed at Lord Shree Krishna to kill him in one stroke, but the little dark boy proved too quick for the snake. Lord Shree Krishna got hold of Kaliya's huge head and stood on it, not giving him a chance to bite. Kaliya tried to shake him off and twist himself round Lord Shree Krishna to squeeze him to death, but Lord Shree Krishna proved too strong for him.

Undeterred, Kaliya dived deep into the water to drown Krishna, but the divine child was able to stay without breathing for as long as he wanted. Kaliya was forced to come up for a breath of air, angry but helpless. Lord Shree Krishna stayed on Kaliya's head, doing the cosmic dance, which felt like hard kicking and stamping to Kaliya.

The people of Vrindavan watched in awe as Lord Shree Krishna seemed to be dancing happily on the deadly snake's head. Slowly, Kaliya began to lose strength, unable to bear the pain of Krishna's attack. He started vomiting poison, and Lord Shree Krishna continued to dance until all the poison came out.

Kaliya gave up the struggle and realized his end was near. His only hope now was to seek Lord Shree Krishna's mercy. He prayed to Lord Shree Krishna and begged for his life, promising to do whatever he wanted him to do. Lord Shree Krishna, full of divine love and compassion, heard his prayer and released Kaliya from his grip.

Lord Shree Krishna commanded Kaliya to return back to his island of Ramanaka and not come back to the Yamuna. He also blessed him that his vahana, Garuda, would never attack him. Kaliya bowed his head and quietly left the Yamuna.

The people of Vrindavan cheered Lord Shree Krishna as he swam ashore, marveling at the divine love and power that he possessed. From that day on, Kaliya became a symbol of the mercy and forgiveness of the divine, a testament to the transformative power of love.

The beautiful story about the leela of Lord Shree Krishna & the Govardhan Parvata

There is a mesmerizing story in the Bhagwata and other Puranas about the divine love of Lord Shree Krishna, who as a small child, lifted the mighty ‘Govardhan Parvata’ or Govardhan Hill to save the inhabitants of Vrindavan.

Once, when the wise elders of Braj were preparing for the Puja of Lord Indra, little Lord Shree Krishna questioned them about the need for such rituals. He argued that the farmers of Braj should focus on their duty or ‘Karma’ of farming and protecting their cattle, rather than performing pujas for any natural phenomenon. The villagers were convinced by Lord Shree Krishna and decided not to perform the puja, which enraged the King of Heaven, Indra.

In his fury, Indra sent the Samavartaka clouds of devastation to flood the land of Vrindavan with torrents of rain and thunderstorms. The helpless inhabitants of Vrindavan sought refuge in Lord Shree Krishna, who lifted the entire Govardhan Hill with ease and held it up like an umbrella. Under the shelter of the hill, the villagers and their possessions were safe from the terrible rains for seven days.

The wonder of this divine act left the inhabitants of Vrindavan mystified, as they saw the huge Govardhan Hill resting perfectly balanced on Lord Shree Krishna’s little finger. The false pride of King Indra was shattered as he realized the true power of Lord Shree Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. He came to Lord Shree Krishna with folded hands and prayed for forgiveness.

Lord Shree Krishna, who despised appeasement and believed that faith & bhakti must be driven out love and not fear; with his boundless love and grace, enlightened Indra about his ‘Dharma’ and duties.

The sky cleared, and the sun shone once again over Vrindavan. Lord Shree Krishna gently placed the Govardhan Hill back to where it belonged and asked the villagers to return home without fear.

All the inhabitants of Braj, including Nanda Maharaj, Yasoda, and Balarama, hailed Lord Shree Krishna and embraced him with happiness. This divine act of love and protection by Shri Lord Shree Krishna showcases his immense power and compassion towards his devotees, leaving us in awe of his greatness.

A beautiful story about the leela when Lord Shree Krishna meets HIS friend Sudama

Lord Shree Krishna and Sudama were not just friends, they were connected through an ethereal bond that transcended all human understanding. It was a bond born out of pure divine love, and it was this love that brought them together as children and kept them together even after years of separation.

As time passed, Lord Shree Krishna became the king of Dwaraka and married Rukmini, the goddess of prosperity. Sudama, on the other hand, became a pandit and married a girl arranged by his parents. Despite the distance between them, they never forgot their promise to cherish their bond forever.

As a pandit, Sudama didn't earn much, and over time, it became increasingly difficult for him to provide for his family's needs. His wife suggested that he should seek financial help from his childhood friend, Lord Shree Krishna. Though Sudama was hesitant to ask for a favor, he agreed to meet Lord Shree Krishna on his wife's insistence.

As per Indian customs, one does not go empty-handed while visiting someone. However, Sudama had nothing to offer his friend. All he had were a few rice krispies, which his wife packed for Lord Shree Krishna as she knew it was his favorite food.

When Sudama finally reached Dwaraka after days of walking, he was awed by its prosperity. The people who lived there were happy, and every house looked like a palace. As soon as Lord Shree Krishna saw Sudama, he rushed down from his throne and washed his feet, offering him his own seat.

Lord Shree Krishna playfully asked Sudama, "What have you brought for me?" knowing full well that Sudama was trying to hide the rice krispies he had brought. However, when Lord Shree Krishna found out about the gift, he was overjoyed and began stuffing them into his mouth.

Sudama was overwhelmed by the joy of meeting his old friend and forgot to ask for help, and Lord Shree Krishna forgot to offer any assistance. They both forgot, as their love and friendship were so pure and divine that material things didn't matter.

As Sudama left the palace, he couldn't help but feel grateful for his friend's hospitality. Little did he know that his life was about to change forever. When he reached his home, he found that it had been transformed, and he now had all the riches he could ask for. His wife was thrilled, and they had received these gifts without asking for them, and without giving anything in return.

This was the magic of Lord Shree Krishna's love. It was a love that was beyond comprehension, a love that could transform lives, and a love that would always be remembered. Lord Shree Krishna's love for his friends was a reflection of the sweet divine love that exists in this universe, a love that transcends all boundaries and connects us all.

Beautiful story of the deliverance of two trees by the leelas of Lord Shree Krishna

This is the mesmerizing divine story of the deliverance of twin Yamala Arjuna trees by Lord Shree Krishna. The journey of these two trees, from bondage to freedom, teaches us about hope and transformation, and is a timeless example of divine love.

In the heavenly Ganga, the two sons of Kuvera, Nalakuvara, and Manigriva, were indulging in heavenly liquor with beautiful damsels. Their intoxication made them shameless and disrespectful towards the great sage Narada Muni; who happened to pass by then. Narada, pained by their behavior, cursed them to become twin Arjuna trees in Vrindavan's courtyard until Lord Shree Krishna would deliver them.

And so, they became trees immediately. Their life as trees was painful for their egos but blissful for their souls. Witnessing the enchanting pastimes of Lord Shree Krishna was the brightest light of their lives. They were filled with gratitude for Narada Muni's kindness, allowing them to witness Lord Shree Krishna's pastimes without any qualification of theirs. They started to feel grateful for their painful experiences too, as it was making them genuinely wise and humble.

Every day when Lord Shree Krishna would approach them, the twin Arjuna trees would be excited, hoping for their deliverance as foretold by Narada Muni. But Lord Shree Krishna never delivered them. This was their everyday story, filled with mixed emotions - pain, repentance, gratitude, joy, and hope.

On the day of Diwali, Yashoda punished Lord Krishna by tying Him to a grinding mortar for His mischief. As Lord Krishna was standing all alone tied to the mortar, He glanced at the suffering of the two Arjuna trees and empathized with them. Having decided to free them today; He crawled in their direction, dragging the wooden mortar behind Him, and got stuck between the two trees. He tagged the mortar with more force, and the two trees came crashing down with a thundering sound. Finally, the day for which Nalakuvara and Manigriva had been anxiously waiting and praying for arrived. Their joy knew no bounds.

This particular Diwali was their best festival, etched permanently in their hearts. After being liberated from the bodies of trees, Nalakuvara and Manigriva attained their previous heavenly bodies but with a new thought process; transformed, they offered their heartfelt prayers of gratitude and love to Lord Shree Krishna. In essence they prayed to Lord Shree Krishna that they may never forget Him and keep living a life of service to Him and His devotees. Seeking His blessings, they went back to their heavenly abode. The journey of the twin Arjuna trees is an example of the divine love and mercy of Lord Shree Krishna. His deliverance of the trees represents the transformation of life from bondage to freedom, a timeless lesson that continues to inspire and guide us today.

Beautiful story of a grain of rice, Pandavas, Draupadi & devotion in the leelas of Lord Shree Krishna

In the era of Dwapara, Pandavas were leading a life of forest dwellers while the cunning Duryodhana was living a life of luxury in Hastinapur. One day, the great sage Durvasa Rishi arrived at Hastinapur with his disciples as guests. Duryodhana treated them with utmost hospitality while secretly scheming with his uncle Shakuni to ruin the Pandavas.

When Durvasa Rishi said it was time for lunch, Duryodhana replied that serving meals to sages is a noble act, but he would like to request Durvasa Rishi to partake in a great opportunity for earning good karma. He then sent Durvasa Rishi and his disciples to dine at Yudhishthira's hut in the nearby woods, knowing that the Pandavas must have finished their meal with Draupadi by that time and there would be no leftovers in their humble abode.

Soon, Durvasa Rishi and his disciples arrived at the Pandavas' hut. Yudhishthira welcomed them with great respect, and Durvasa Rishi narrated his conversation with Duryodhana. He then said that he and his disciples would take a bath before lunch. After bathing in the river, they left for their meal, and Yudhishthira immediately informed Draupadi of the situation.

Draupadi, being the gracious host she was, prayed to Lord Shree Krishna for a solution. Lord Shree Krishna appeared and ate a small morsel of food left by Draupadi, which satisfied Durvasa Rishi and his disciples completely. In the end, the Pandavas were saved from Duryodhana's wicked plan, and Draupadi's unwavering devotion to the divine ensured the safety and prosperity of her husbands.